Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When it's cool to be cold

Heidi Mitchell, WSJ, Feb 18, 2014, takes on the subject of kids--and how mad parents should get if they don't want to bundle up on cold days.

I remember snow pants! Do they even have those anymore? But I digress.

Teens are the worst for waltzing out the door in a thin letter jacket or something and no hat.

Kids' hearts do beat faster--but they have the same body temp as an adult and more surface area to inner area.

If kids don't wear enough outer clothing, they may get irritable. Well, whatever, in my opinion.

The experts say help kids layer up--maybe with "cool" sportswear. Like at the Olys.

I say let the little dopes get cold--they will do something about it if they are miserable enough. Of course, they may conceal those long johns under their jeans just to annoy you.

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