Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Workaholic boss, sleepaholic employee

Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, Feb 19, 2014, takes on the issue of what you should do if you have a nutty boss who stays at the office until all hours.

Should you sneak out? Leave your coat on the chair as if you are there and coming back to your desk?

Well, first, you should concentrate on reinforcing how much work you are doing and how well.

Still, workers do tend to be putting in more hours these days. This may include bosses--but don't make a mistake about why they are there--maybe they think everyone should follow suit--or maybe they just don't want to go home.

Employees should be willing to stay late in emergencies. (Leaving your coat is a bush move--people may waste time looking for you.)

You may want to concentrate your hours at times when people are there to see you.

If all this does not work and the boss does not cut you a break, you may want to move on to a move civilized place..

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