Friday, March 28, 2014

Half of Americans believe in medical conspiracies of some sort

In a new study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, half of all Americans believe in at least one medical conspiracy. A team of researchers at the Univ of Illinois studied this and it applies not only to diseases, but also to aliens and secret govt societies.

Gee, would this have something to do with how we can't believe ANYTHING anymore?

So we start just believing stuff?

They questioned 1,400 people--

Does the govt give vaccines that cause autism?

Did a spy agency infect black Americans with HIV?

Are regulators keeping effective natural cures away from people?

And those were just some.

The CIA did spray LSD into the subways back in the day to see what would happen.

The govt did let black men die of syphilis.

So maybe we can be forgiven for pausing...and wondering.

The things that I wonder about--though probably not rising to conspiracy level--is the rash standard of care things they trot out--like putting 47 million people on statins. I also know plenty of people who got a flu shot and immediately got the flu--supposedly impossible.

Are we pawns on the board?

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