Friday, March 14, 2014

Live like people will notice

My ex, and father of my child, died unexpectedly this week.

He and I lived together almost 10 years. I left when my daughter was 4 and he did not keep in touch with her worth a flip. His loss.

Now, some woman back east where he lived wanted my daughter to sign off on things as next of kin. My daughter, now 32, stepped up and did what was required--but we decided paying for that was not our responsibility.

His two sisters also tagged up and tried to tell me negative things about him. There were faked hangups when I said let's not go there.

Maybe my daughter will get in touch with her half-sister now. This could be a positive.

I don't want to sound preachy--but who will be devastated if you die? Have you left a positive legacy? Helped others? Been truthful? Been admirable? Been a friend? Been a worthy parent?

Just thought I would mention it. When it's too late it's really too late.

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