Friday, March 21, 2014

Maybe a dog is not the ticket for an older person

There are so many cliches--"The outside of a dog is good for the inside of a person." That's my favorite.

They do studies on how people thrive and are healthier if they have pets.

Unless...Those pets savage them. We have a kid here in AZ clinging to life because a pitbull with prior offenses tried to eat his face off. There is a big debate--euthanize the animal or not. Are these people crazy? I don't want to hear, "Judge the deed, not the breed." The deed is bad!

A grandma out here was killed by her pit.

On the reality show "Flipping Out" with designer Jeff Lewis, Jeff's grandmother, a stubborn old gal, somehow came in possession of a large pitbull--the thing had bitten her and regularly dukes it out with Jeff. They called a trainer, who finally said the dog needed a "higher energy" household. The old lady doesn't want to give him up.

My sister's rescue greyhound was attacked by a pit with priors some yrs ago. He had huge drains coming out of him--the size of garden hoses.

My own daughter leaned over to pet someone's pitbull and it tried to rip her upper lip off. Nineteen stitches!

Dog lovers say it's not the dog, it's the training. Of course, there are "nice" pits--and rotties. But you don't see cocker spaniels being trained for the dog ring. Some dogs are feisty to a fault, competitive, large, muscular, and dangerous.

Don't leave infants, toddlers, older people alone with any dogs. That's my advice. But especially not some of these breeds I have discussed.

I recently rehomed my poodle mix--he was always under my unsteady feet--a danger of another sort.

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