Monday, March 31, 2014

People, people--no human growth hormone

I love my readers. I need my readers. Shirley S. Wang, WSJ, Mar 25, 2104, again raises the dangers of human growth hormone.

Some people think it grows them a nice young body, other people say it makes cancers grow and can cause earlier death.

Do you want to be buff and dead or normal and walking around? You may not look like Early Days Ah-nold, but you will be walking around.

A lot of people are throwing the dice--let's go for Ah-nold.

There is a study that lower levels of a substance related to HGH called insulin-like growth factor 1 might mean longer life and lower cancer risk.

Yes, some substances tend to diminish in the body as we age. But it might be because we no longer need these levels.

The supposed anti-aging aspects may also not be so great. The muscle you form may not be stronger.

It can also increase cartilage growth--hello, carpal tunnel.

So, you know what they say about fooling Mother Nature. She can be a ... well, she can be tricky.

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