Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Snakes! I knew there was a reason they are creepy

Snakes give me the jeebs. Snakes give a lot of people the jeebs. Turns out, we are not just craven idiots.

The human brain is wired to be fearful of snakes--even people who don't think they are.

This according to a study in Biological Psychology (Feb).

Snakes were among the first dangers to humans and posed a daily threat. So the EW FACTOR was lodged in there early. Heightened awareness--scientists don't generally say "ew." (This does not apply to fear of spiders, since spiders were not early predators.)

Basically they took some Norwegian women, asked them about their fears, then showed them pix of snakes, spiders, and small birds.

The bells really went off on the snakes.

Of course, this was a small study and only involved women. But we all know it's probably on to something, right?

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