Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Ayahuasca, anyone?

It's pronounced ai-ya-WA-ska and it's a psychedelic from the Amazon.

I learned about it in Marie Claire, and apparently the stars (not this one) are all over it.

People make pilgrimages to to the Amazon and to fancy houses to slug this down and find...what...enlightenment?

Carlos Casteneda, call your service. Apparently Paul Simon loves it. And now it's in the fashion studios, lawyer's offices, you name it.

Who knew these people needed to be enlightened.

Like peyote (my past seems so mundane), this stuff makes you vomit sometimes. Small price to pay, right? Oh--and also diarrhea.

Someone said they saw how small their ego was. OK--good to know.

Supposedly you see yourself with unflinching clarity.

The shaman (yes, it has those) blows cigar smoke into a shot glass, following by the murky liquid--then you drink.

People take it many times if they are into it. I wonder what their livers have to say about it while they are seeing everything so clearly.

Someone likened it to spiritual Drano. Well, why didn't you SAY so?

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