Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Creepy little sensors

What do I really think? I think all this stuff with your phone spying on your health is disturbing.

Now, Robert Lee Hotz, WSJ, Apr 22, 2014, says there is a digital tattoo that transmits skin temperature--in AZ, make that HOT.

A pliable pacemaker will be wrapped around a beating heart.

An implant that controls pain.

This is called personal medicine.

OK, a special contact for glaucoma would be a good thing. If eye pressure rises, you would know without a trip to the doc and the drops and the stick in the eye thing.

Another set of implantable devices disappear when not needed--instead of staying in the body forever.

A bandage will tell you when the wound is healed.

Science really is pretty cool, despite the sniping of grouchy bloggers.

I draw the line at being chipped, though.

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