Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dirty money

Luckily, I have no money. But recently, for those of you who do, New York Univ did a study on microbes clinging to currency. Robert Lee Hotz, WSJ, Apr 19-20, 2014, wrote about it.

Probably this is one of those things better to not think about.

Hundreds of types of bacteria ride along on money as it changes hands. Three thousand types!

Most of these were not even known to doctor-kind.

The most abundant one was the microbe that causes acne.  Others were linked to ulcers, pneumonia, food poisoning, and staph infections.

Microbes even grow and reproduce on money. It's because wallets are body temperature. Also human DNA is found on money and is a growing medium.

So, what to do? Hope for antibodies?

I remember reading that all paper money has some cocaine on it. That was more amusing.

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