Friday, April 25, 2014

Hard to win on whether to take a drug

After my foray into pneumonia and some antibiotic that tore me to shreds inside, I feel like a 5-yr-old sealing my lips against the incoming spoon of poison. They want me to take a diuretic--but what if it was THAT that made me feel like urpsing for 2 weeks?

Now, I read that more kids are being given codeine-based meds in the ER, despite FDA warnings that this can hurt kids' breathing. My Mom, bless her, was also prescribed Darvon in the ER--I knew it had been discontinued--I complained but was told, "Doctor would not give anything harmful."

I have been told many times that all drugs have side effects and it's the GOOD ones we are trying to get, with the risk of getting the bad ones in there, too.

Having said all this, I was prescribed a one-pill "cure" for an ailment last week and gulped it right down. And was queasy and dizzy all the next day.

So I haven't wised up, have I?

Maybe we should a suspend disbelief and go back to the 50s and whack in anything the doctor says.

But I am still hesitant. All these chemicals can't be good--shouldn't we at least ask what it does and how?

Pneumonia is still bad for the age-compromised--you can't just hope it goes away.

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