Friday, April 04, 2014

Rehab for chronic heart failure

I never want to write about this because I am afraid I have it. Six and a half million people do in this country.

CHF is the number one diagnosis in hospital patients over 65.

This occurs when the heart can't pump enough blood to deliver oxygen to the body.

Half the people diagnosed with this die within five years.

All this according to the WSJ, Apr 1, 2014.

They used to tell people with CHF to take it easy--now they send them to rehab to exercise. Three weekly exercise sessions over 12 weeks seem to cut death and hospitalization by 11%. Medicare was impressed and will pay for this form of rehab now.

CHF patients tend to have a lack of confidence in what they can do physically. Yeah--it's that shortness of breath thing.

Still, the docs insist you are not going to die--but work on living.

I don't know if I have it--I do have atrial fib. When I went to my seventh cardiologist, she insisted on a chemical stress test as part of treating me. Simulating heart attack symptoms did not sound great to me.

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