Thursday, April 10, 2014

Time for pizzen ivy

Leaves of three, let it be
Yes, spring is springing and plants are getting ready to attack you.

About 85% of people are allergic to the oil in this nice-looking, sedate plant, found everywhere. There is also poison oak and poison sumac.

Once you get the oil on you, you can spread it to another person or another part of your body.

If you are sure what you have is poison ivy and you are not short of breath or having swallowing problems, you can wash the area with lukewarm, soapy water--this can get some of the oil off.

Wash the clothes you had on.

Wash anything near the stuff--gardening tools, golf clubs, leashes, even your pet.

Leave the blisters alone. No scratching!

If you are miserable, take lukewarm baths with colloidal oatmeal (drug store) or a cup of baking soda.

Calamine or a hydrocortisone cream may also help. No topical antihistamines, though--they can worsen matters.

Then...tough it out 1-3 weeks. If you get infected, ask the doctor.

I remember kids who would rub poison ivy on themselves, bragging that they were not allergic. Well, maybe not the first time...but don't count on that for time number two and above.

Being an idiot, as so often is true, can have its down side.

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