Monday, April 28, 2014

Want to be food trendy?

The April 2014 issue of Food Technology, published by the Institute of Food Technologists, lists some functional trends for the coming year.

Specialty nutritionals. These are foods, not supplements. Eat food with more vitamins, minerals, herbs, and Omega 3s.

Get real. Look at labels and stick with foods containing things you've heard of. Half of consumers look for foods with no artificial ingredients. One-fourth buy organic.

Hispanic trends. These are the op users of energy drinks, sports bevs, and 100% juice. Hispanics are also twice as likely to want to look young.

Almost 60% of consumers emphasize protein.

Mothers also buy kid-specific products--with kid-appropriate calorie counts and flavors.

Eight in 10 buyers try to eat "pharma foods" to prevent heart disease and osteoporosis.

Eighty-percent of households eat meatless meals for dinner on occasion--with eggs and lentils subbing for meat.

Performance is also big. Nearly six in 10 adults used sports nutrition products. This applies to kids, too. (Just kidding on the picture--feed them, don't eat them.)

Weight loss is also changing--with deprivation diets losing in popularity. Protein is in.

Millennials think their eating is healthier, more expensive, more natural, less processed, and better tasting.

Better tasting. Hmmmm... Maybe there is something to this.

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