Monday, April 21, 2014

Yes, I went to the ER

I try to do all this stuff so you readers don't have to. Aren't I nice?

I have had trouble breathing for about five weeks. Really gaspy. Finally, I called my doctor and asked for ...I didn't even know...a referral to a lung doctor? Ten days went by.

Finally I got up, was breathing like a fish on the dock, and my daughter and I got a cab to the ER. I thought about urgent care, but what if they sent me to the ER anyhow--I was pretty wrung out--even getting in the stupid Prius cab with my bad knees was daunting.

Basically, the ER means asking for other other opinions. First, I talked briefly to one ER medical doctor, who informed me that I was too wordy and incapable of giving a short answer. This--30 seconds into his so-called history-taking. (It was 8 AM--not busy. Guess he had somewhere else to be.)

Then I was put in a mid-level area--no gown, no bed--just tests. Blood tests and chest x-ray.

Then a Physician Assistant showed up--he informed me I had pneumonia and probably Congestive Heart Failure. What? Well--go see a lung and a cardiologist.

So now I am tagged with a "Big Diagnosis"--seeing my "real" doctor tomorrow. I have had eight cardiologists--and in the course of this, several treatments that almost killed me and one that did render my right eye sightless.

So now what?

Is the ER doc right, my doc wrong...I have to decide. The medications they gave me to "drain" my legs etc made me nauseated and sick for almost two weeks. Am I to be on this the rest of my life?

But hey--this morning I walked the length of my house and was not winded! Yay!

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