Thursday, May 01, 2014

Chemo for breast cancer--may lead to unemployment

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center did a study. Nearly one-third of breast cancer survivors who were working when treatment began were unemployed four years later. About 746 women took part.

Thirty percent said they were not working four years after. Women who had chemo were most likely to be in this group.

Mot wanted to work--55% of those not working said it was important for them to work. Almost 40% were looking for work.

Many doctors believe people may stop working during treatment, but will "bounce back" over time. This seems to refute that.

Is it the "chemo brain"? The new appreciation of life without monotonous work? Just generalized malaise or not being the same? Discrimination--supposedly illegal--by employers?

My personal feeling is one's life may take off in a different direction.

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