Friday, May 16, 2014

Even vets can go to the ER

There is a huge brouhaha over some veterans not being able to see their primary docs in a timely way in Phoenix.

And seems...other places.

There is talk of people dying while waiting, refused treatment, put off, or put on "secret wait lists." I am not sure what secret means--probably that there ARE wait lists is the secret.

So this sucks.

In a story by Ben Kesling and Erica E. Phillips in the WSJ, Apr 26-27, 2014, one vet actually went to the ER and then was told the VA would call to schedule an appt for him.

No call.

Eventually he went back to a non-VA ER with cancer, never having gotten the VA call. He died in hospice.

Then they called.

While all the lawmakers blab and VA officials squirm--I advise you to go to the ER if you have a problem---even if you have a VA doctor and are in the VA system. If they say the VA will call, now go home, tell them Star said the VA does not always call, so what would they advise?

You can sort it out later--while you are still living.

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