Friday, May 30, 2014

Forget the BLT--how about a CAP?

Matthew Kronsberg writes about the fabbie BLT and how you can riff off that theme, in the May 17-18, 2014, WSJ.

The ingredients complement--he says. The tang and squish of tomato, the salty bacon crunch, the freshness of lettuce. Ambrosia!

He maintains you can get this same heavenly matchup with other ingredients, too.

BBM--Butternut squash, Boston lettuce and Merguez. Mer-what? It's a sausage.

Or a BGS--beet, gribeness, and sorrel. I think gribeness is crispy chicken skin.

My favorite (in theory)...PKR. Pork rind, Kimchi, and Rhubarb. First you have to make rhubarb mayo. Good luck with that... Kimchi is fermented fish sauce.

I think avocado is good on a BLT--how's that for daring?

PS A CAP is cauliflower, argula, and pickled raisins.

I still like to see "bacon" listed.

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