Monday, May 19, 2014

How long have these eggs been in here?

According to a story in OneEarth, Winter 2013, the average American family throws out 15-25% of the food it purchases--thousands of dollars a year.

The National Sources Defense Council says this is because of misunderstandings about labeling and a lack of federal regulation.

They have a report out called The Dating Game: How Confusing Food Labels Lead to Food Waste.

Even cities can create their own standards. Baltimore's laws differ from Maryland's. It's a mess.

You see "sell by"..."use by"..."best by".."enjoy by"--but are these dates the food "expires"?


Some are dates where the store must remove the item from the shelves. Or it may mean the most tasty time.

They are not really about safety. We have noses for that.

To me the suggested changes were also confusing--sell by replaced by best  by, for instance.

I still don't know how long eggs are good. Pretty long. You heard it here first.

For info, go to,asp.

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