Monday, May 12, 2014

Know someone with cancer--this is what it's like

Bryan Bishop is the sidekick known as Bald Bryan to radio and podcast personality Adam Carolla. I recently picked up Bishop's "cancer memoir" titled Shrinkage.

We have all seen actors vomiting from chemo and regrettably many of us have known non-actors who have undergone cancer treatment. But this book--kind of self-absorbed, kind of breathless and very candid--with "corrections" from Bishop's beloved wife Christie--really lays out the brutal effects of  trying to shrink an inoperable brain stem tumor.

Of course, the couple is also trying to get married, manage without jobs, juggle well-meaning families, and describe and fight back against certain doctors lacking in the charm department. Dr. Drew, for instance, has been known to pronounce "death sentence" when he hears of people's diagnoses--and he is one they like.

We all know chemo can make you throw up and lose your hair (Bishop's was already gone, so no problem). But what you will learn is how chemo and radiation slam the entire body--Bishop could not dress himself, walk without help, eat without help, or even speak clearly without slurring as his brain was bombarded.

Despite being quite the acerbic wit (he has a chapter on the biggest "douchebags" he ever met--Mount Douchemore), Bishop is sort of hanging on for dear life and his wife takes the brunt of everything.

If you complain as I do sometimes about feeling crummy sometimes, this book is the cure for you!

My sister and I always say--what if we had something really really bad? Well, Bishop did.

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