Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My readers don't GET jet lag

I am too glopped up to hop a plane anymore--but you aren't.

Jim Waterhouse, a prof of biological rhythms at John Moores Univ in Liverpool, says if you are crossing three time zones and staying no more than three days, don't reset your body.

Say you are going from NY to LA for two days. Get up at 3 am, sleep by 8 pm. This takes in normal business hours. When you eat may be weird.

If you do want to reset--don't eat for half a day at least--or on a long flight, fast the entire flight and eat the next normal meal at your destination.

Drink plenty of water no matter what you do. And no booze. A booze nap is not restful.

Caffeine can take up some slack--but not less than six hours before sleep.

Melatonin--a hormone--makes you sleep. Try 5 mg before what bedtime would be at your destination. And then a bit before bed.

Getting some exposure to strong light in the morning when going east can help. When traveling west, get some light in early evening to stay up longer.

Or--just wander around yawning.

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