Thursday, May 15, 2014

OK--say you do get a sunburn

I lived in the era before sunblock and got a couple of blister-burns when I was in HS. Second degree! Eeek--this is supposed to make me cancer fodder. So far so good.

Anyhow, say you do forget to reapply your block or stay out too long and redden--what next?

First, it hurts. Take frequent cool showers to draw out the heat. Pat yourself almost dry, then when damp, apply a moisturizer. Aloe vera is a  good ingredient--or smear the goo from a leaf of it in your yard.

Do not put on a deadener--benzocaine--as this can cause allergies over a large surface.

How about Noxema--is that still around? It helped.

Consider and aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce swelling and pain.

Drink lots of water.

If you get blisters like I did, don't pop them.

Stay out of the sun or wear thick clothing over the burned areas. Sun on the burn will quickly remind you--ouch!

Remember, the sun is a big ball of radiation. Handle with care.

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