Friday, May 09, 2014

Quit ragging on old people

I see it on Chelsea Handler and in real life--people making fun of old people--they can't read their phones, don't have phones, are slow walkers, write checks at the supermarket (the horror) on and on.

You may be having your turn now, but if you keep on having your turn until you are "old," you will be quite surprised at what happens to you.

No matter how much kale you wad in, and how many marathons you run, stuff will start to flicker and fail.

The Dorothy Parker line, "What fresh hell is this?" will begin to resonate. Maybe all of a sudden you are short of breath walking 50 feet...what fresh hell...?

Or a limb will start to hurt--you can't raise your arm to do your hair. WFH?

Or you stand up fast and almost topple over. Ditto.

Maybe you write checks because you don't like giving out all your info to the tender mercies of the internet.

I read a book called (I am sure she thought cleverly) "Incontinent on the Continent." Some little smartass takes her mother to Italy and then calls Mom "excess baggage." The twit also claims to never see a disabled Italian. She is embarrassed half to death because Mom has a walker.

What a jerk.

The next time you feel like sighing at an older woman reaching into her purse, or an older man starting a long complaint about some item of merchandise, can it.

That will be you someday--when you can't see those little phone buttons. How will you cope then?

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