Thursday, May 22, 2014

School nurses save you money

Genevra Pittman, Reuters, May 19. 2014, writes about a Mass program with school nurses in schools full-time (the trend now is for them to circulate between schools).

This saved money on medical costs and lost time for parents and teachers.

Still, fewer than half of public schools have a nurse full-time.

They measured 22 things nurses do these days (not just a cool cloth for a headache), such as testing blood sugar and administering physical therapy.

They looked at the time parents would have to take off work to cover this and emergencies that crop up.

They found big savings. Teachers spent 20 minutes less a day on health issues.

Basically they decided every dollar spent on full-time nurses returned $2.20.

You can check this out in JAMA Pediatrics, May 19, 2014.

When I was a tot, there was a nurse' office and you knew it. If you threw up or had bad cramps, you went to the nurse. I think that was good.

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