Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Talking physical

Always somethin'--as Roseanne Rosannadanna used to say.

Now, Medicare is urging--and even paying--participants to trot over to the doctor for a non-exam physical--the doctor quizzes you on whether you know basic facts (great not demented), can follow directions (a report of a woman being asked to take a piece of paper off the doctor's desk and place it on the floor), can get out of a chair without pressing on the chair arms, have a living will, sometimes even whether you have firearms in the house (nunya), or have been abused by someone in the home.

A lot of questions!

They also send incredibly detailed questionnaires about your health. I toss them. I also did not go to the talking physical. I am sure they will turn me in for that. I hope the re-education camp is air conditioned.

This is way more than I want the govt to know about me--even for study purposes. It's bad enough that my health plan sends me letters saying please take your medicine--or offers me "special plans" for certain conditions. They have also offered to send a doctor to my house--but not when I actually needed that.

Time was, if you wanted to get medical attention, you got it and the insurance company paid a certain amount. Now the insurance company is in charge!

And what is this stuff in the TV commercials about tell your doctor your medications--shouldn't the doctor know that or tell you?

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