Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The eyes have it--or should have it

The BrightFocusFoundation encourages regular eye exams--blah blah. How often do we hear that?

How often do you listen?

I had a detached retina--and four disgusting surgeries later, that eye is blind. I am no poster child for early detection.

But things like macular degeneration and glaucoma--it's good to nail them ASAP.

You should get an eye exam every year or at most every two years.

Those at risk for glaucoma are over 60, particularly Hispanics, and African-Americans over 40.

For macular degeneration--a family history puts you at risk. Being over 60 is also a factor--and being Caucasian.

Eye exams aren't embarrassing--they don't hurt. Your eyes will be dilated and going out into the sun without shades is uncomfortable. They will give you some funky little disposables, which I actually like.

To take advatnage of all the info BrightFocus offers, go to http://www.brightfocus.org/may-is-healthy-vision-month.html. (Copy and put in your browser.)

The site will help you find a doc, give you questions to ask, show you videos, and if you already have trouble seeing, will let you listen to audios.

I listen to a lot of audios now....believe me, you want to keep your good vision.

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