Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tips for feeding of your HS athlete

Leslie Bonci, a sports dietitian for the NFL, MLB, and NHL and also director of sports medicine nutrition, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, says parents need to be nutrition coaches.

These days, calorie counts of school lunches are being scaled back because of the obesity brouhaha, and many active kids need intelligent food programs to keep up with their schedules.

Remember, good nutrition also helps kids get better grades.

Parents should focus on giving and teaching kids what to eat--not what to avoid. They need speed, stamina, and recovery.

Hummus with quinoa chips is good--and no, it doesn't taste "healthy."

Or: peanut butter, veggie protein and honey on a whole wheat tortilla with banana slices.

Trail mix with whole grain cereal.

Or how about a taco salad with brown rice, greens, beans, and salsa. She also recommends "veggie crumbles"--whatever those are.

As for supplements--parents need to do research. She likes Twinlabs "Clean" series.

She also says athletes are trending more toward plant-based diets--not just steaks.

Parents need to be supportive, too--and one way is to provide yummy foods that sustain and build growing bodies.

Teens can eat! I remember my brothers polishing off a box of cereal and a quart of milk--and this was after dinner.

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