Friday, May 02, 2014

Trampolines may not be so much fun

It sounds good on paper--flexing the knees, soaring, moving, moving...But trampolines brought almost 300,000 people, mostly children to ERs just with broken bones between 2002 and 2011.

The Indiana School of Medicine has been looking at these "exercise devices."

In all--not just fractures--more than a million people went to the ER as a result of bouncing in that time period.

About 60% of the bone breaks were in arms, forearms, and elbows. Just 4% were in the back, spine, head, and sternum.

The average age of most injuries was 9. Older kids jumped higher and with more force and sustained more axial skeletal injuries.

Also--surprise--the docs decided teens were risk-takers.

And by the way, these injuries were almost all sustained at home. One researcher said tramps should not be allowed in backyards.

That would be one approach. Not buying one would be another.

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