Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5:30--time for din din

People have weird habits--ones they don't like to discuss. For me, it's eating dinner early--like at 2 PM. I never get hungry after dinner, so that ends my food day.

I may be almost trendy now. According to Alina Dizik, WSJ, June 12, 2014,  "early bird special" is no longer a joke about old people gumming Jell-O in the Florida sunshine.

Maybe not as early as 2:00--but often at 5:30--and in some of the toniest joints in the big cities.

People can get a reservation then, for one thing. Sometimes even the most temperamental chefs will accommodate their tastes.

Young couples and groups can eat out instead of drinking out.

Some restaurants even have summer supper menus at a bargain rate--and you can see the movie after, not eat after.

The early dinners almost always last less time--under two hours. There is plenty of time for the second seating at 8:00 or even 10:00.

Good grief--10 PM? I would be asleep in my soup.

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