Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Breech babies can--maybe--be delivered without C-section

You know how medical thinking is always changing. Oh, do we know. Anyhow, according to Jessica Holzer, WSJ, June 10, 2104, some doctors in Germany are rethinking automatic C-section for babies coming feet or buttocks first.

Vaginal breech births can be more dangerous for the baby, but the Germans insist it can be safe under some circumstances--depending on the actual position of the baby.

A very experienced doctor must be in charge.

Some doctors try to turn the baby in the womb using a  number of techniques.

This is not successful in many instances.

Yes, this is a way to cut the C-section rate, but I see it as sort of an outlier with many doctors and pregnant women reluctant to chance it.

And probably with reason.

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