Friday, June 27, 2014


Remember Seinfeld--his cupboard full of dry cereal? Like him, many people laugh at the notion of cereal for breakfast only.

Sarah Nassauer, WSJ, June 19, 2014, says the American standby is good anytime...or bad . This depends on your POV (screenwriting term for point of view).

My daughter is often seen with a bowl in her hand--she advises chocolate varieties for evening and snacks. Or mix choc and vanilla Chex for a great experience, she says.

According to this story, Kellogg has a starry nite background on one cereal--perfect for evening.

Or the munchies.

Sales of cereal have been flat since 2000--time to eat it round the clock. (Yogurt, protein, egg sandwiches and others are cutting into cereal.)

Also cereal takes too long to eat and you can't eat it in the car.

So now Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms are putting on a full court (bowl?) press to adults.

Also--they advise throwing Cheerios into smoothies for fiber.

Mom used to roast puffed wheat in butter and salt. Yum!

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