Thursday, June 26, 2014

Come on--take your meds and we'll pay you

Lisa Ward, WSJ, June 9, 2014, says there is a Univ of Penn program to pay people to take their meds to prevent a second heart attack.

Weirdly, some people slack off in that situation. Yet not taking it makes you 80% more likely to die in the year following your attack.

They get pill bottles that report in if the bottle isn't opened.

Each day, also, patients can win $5 or $10 (one in five chance) if they take the pills.

The docs say this is mostly for fun--it's not fun to be chronically ill, they add. So a little incentive brightens the day.

No results are in yet on how many lives have been saved or extended.

Living isn't enough--but five bucks would do it?

People, people.

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