Thursday, June 05, 2014

Do you like "alpha sizing"?

Alpha sizes in clothes--are S, M, L or variations XS etc. This is instead of number sizes--double O to...pluses.

Elizabeth Holmes, WSJ, May 29, 2104, delves into this murky world.

Usually an alpha size is two number sizes--example, a size 4 and 6 combine to be a Women's Small, or S.

Of course, different stores and lines do it differently. Oh, great. Chico's, I think, has 1, 2 and 3.

"Leisure" clothes, especially, are getting roomier and stretchier--so alpha sizing is fine.

Alpha sizing also eliminates on-line shoppers from ordering two sizes and returning one. Also it's cheaper to make a smaller range of sizes.

Men also are less picky about fit--and can pick up clothes more easily.

Even bras are alpha-sized sometimes now. One brand went from 26 sizes to six.

Manufacturers also know if something is too big--the customer will try the smaller--but not always the other way around.

I read the other day about a Japanese size and saw the label in a picture--FAT.

Yeah, well, sputter sputter--I hate sushi! So there.

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