Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Have you tried "oil pulling"?

I try to stay away from the hippie-dippy stuff if I can, but recently I heard about the ancient Indian practice of oil pulling--swishing high quality oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes to "pull" out toxins.

What kind of oil? Some say sesame or olive oil, maybe sunflower--but many recommend coconut oil. Other enthusiasts say change it up. You swish until it becomes white and full of bad things and then spit and rinse with warm water and brush.What does this do?

The claims are that it attracts microbes and gets them out of the body--like (pardon) fly paper or something. This improves mouth health, prevents cavities and bad breath and so on.

Bu then come wider claims--almost any bodily ill--arthritis, intestinal problems, eczema, kidney problems--a host of things improved.

So far the studies--small--show oral improvements. So it's your call.

Coconut oil, by the way, is as thick as Crisco--you liquidate it in your mouth first.

Isn't 20 mins a long time? When I heard of this, I thought they meant 20 seconds.



Star Lawrence said...

My sister tried it with canola--she said her teeth were whiter. I forgot--it is supposed to make your teeth whiter. I did not tell her that, either. She said it wasn't too disgusting to do.

Star Lawrence said...

I got liquid coconut oil--eBay, five bucks. It has basically no taste. Oily mouth feel, though. I lasted maybe 8 mins...I think I can work up to 20 or maybe do it in stages while watching TV. My mouth did feel sweeter and nicer...or else my imagination did.

Star Lawrence said...

It is NOT like gargling with Coppertone.