Friday, June 06, 2014

New trend in dog chow

Ellen Byron, WSJ, May 28, 2014, says dog food manufacturers are taking a page from cake mix makers--remember how mixes did better when users had to add an egg or two and thus were "cooking"?

Well, now dog owners are feeling more invested by mixing wet and kibble and "preparing" meals for the creatures.

Fifty-six million people own dogs--and I am not one of them anymore, darn it!

Anyhow, some owners go beyond the ceremonial mixing and try for the "happy dance"--meaning actually cooking the dog's dinner, eliciting that exciting running around and pawing.

They mix the specially formulated pet foods and even microwave it.

Purina has a Just Right program--they ask questions about your dog and recommend a custom diet.

Whole Foods is also doing a pet aisle.

There is even a line called French Country Kitchen--no, not just for poodles.

My sister used to cook chicken for her rescue greyhound Jack. One time my brother was visiting and the two humans ate it all before Jack could stop them.

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