Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our clothes will never leave us alone!

In this age of technology, everything nags us--the smartphone, the odometer, the heartbeat counter, the who even knows anymore.

So, of course, we now have a naggy bracelet that tells us enough sun, get inside.

It's the June by Netatmo--after you get in the sun, it orders you to apply block. Then it keeps up with your exposure with calls. "It's for you--the sun."

There are also less "cool" UV meters for about $25, but this one is FASHION for $99. It has sort of a cut jewel-like face.

One wearer--Joanna Stern at the WSJ, June 11, 2104--said the thing had some glitches. But she did appreciate its telling her to apply block when she went to lunch.

It makes you more aware, was her overall pronouncement.

Where do you stand on wearable tech? When someone says you're looking smart--don't they mean cute?

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