Monday, June 02, 2014

Requiem for fallen foods

David Sax, author of The Tastemakers: Why We're Crazy for Cupcakes and Fed Up with Fondue," had a piece in the WSJ, May 24-25, 2104, about foods that have slid from popularity.

Remember Baby Spinach? This was the rage from 1992-2007. But it was delicate and hard to ship and finally succumbed.

Chocolate Lava Cake (1987-2005), well, maybe it was not destined to thrive.

Fondue (1956-1978). Did I ever even make it? Dip apples? Dip bread? Memory fails.

Frozen Yogurt (first time)--1981-1998. It was sweet, maybe even sweet with candy or jam, cold, so like ice cream but OK for you...then came mean old Gelato.

The Atkins Diet--now sort of the Paleo Diet--but it died with the founder. (2002-2005)

Clear soda--Crystal Pepsi. It only made it a year, from 1992-3. Gone and forgotten.

I tend to bring things back--like Jello. With canned spray whipped cream. Yum! Water and air never tasted so good. It never gets old.

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