Friday, June 13, 2014

Stop and eat the flowers

Back when I was in a couple, we used to eat dinner occasionally at a vegan couple's house--and my ex used to ask, "Will there be flowers?" He was not a fan of dining on blooms.

But chef Matt Lambert, owner of The Musket Room in NYC  (article by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, WSJ, June 5, 2014) grows all kinds of herbs and goodies for his dishes.

A kitchen garden, he says, may be limited in space--so grow "up," meaning beans and vines. It isn't the huge gardens of his mother and grandmother in New Zealand, but will enhance your cooking.

He grows several types of mint---black mint for ice cream, spearmint for petit fours, apple mint for cod with peas.

He loves German basil--a bush with tiny, intense leaves.

He also cooks with flowers--nasturtiums with a peppery taste. He sprinkles them on salmon.

Flowers work well in desserts, he says. Violas and marigolds go with sweets. Marigolds are citrusy. He puts them on scallops.

Snip herbs from the outside of the plant--the part that is going to die first.

Then they can be to die FOR.

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