Monday, June 23, 2014

Swan, anyone?

Roast swan with mushrooms and oysters--or poached in saffron and peaches.


Why? We chow down on ducks and geese. But swans have been taboo for hundreds of years--though they are now become a hissing nuisance in some states.

Still, it's not legal to hunt them.

The kings and queens of yore were not squeamish about roasting the large, beautiful fowl. They even stuffed them with smaller birds--a la the Turducken. The royals in England and fellows of St. Johns College in Cambridge can eat them, though no one else can. Whether they do is not known.

What would that be called--A Leda Whopper?

Here, Michigan is particular chockful of swans. Celebrity chef Mario Batali says he has sampled. Deep red, lean, succulent.

You lost me at "deep red."

So, what to do--mass murder of the iconic bird or legalization and some decent recipes?

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