Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Team medicine--not for me

I prefer to consult a doctor when I have a problem--not traipse around constantly for images, blood tests, checkups, non-checkup "talks," etc.

I also do not want a ton of info transmitted to the feds. And I don't want the insurance company to be nagging me--you need this, you are overdue for that.

I guess some people welcome this--but I consider it being in Sick World and while I have issues--arthritis, eye problems--I want to decide if they need attention. Certainly my experiences thus far--a blind eye from repeated bad surgeries, for instance--do not encourage me to seek spare bionic parts and everything else that is trendy.

And I don't need this BMI stuff-no more diets! Ever!

But that's me. Certainly when you are younger, some preventive testing such as mammograms is warranted. My daughter, unfortunately, has adopted my bad attitude and says doctors are just looking for things wrong with you.

Well, certainly Kaiser Permanente is, with its teamwork approach, checklists of tests you must have, staff that chases you around urging tests--see WSJ, June 9, 2014, in an article by Laura Landro. They call this Complete Care.

They call it outreach. I call it nosy. I got a checklist yesterday from my insurance company--get this, get that, some of which I got already, some of which I will never get, etc. So based on what they paid out for me, they have no idea what I had--that is reassuring.

I know docs get paid more if they can make you get this stuff. Wasn't that inevitable?

I told my primary I would get blood tests. I will keep my word. But no BMI, no bone density, no colonoscopy (I had one that was botched), no statins (cholesterol OK), etc.

I may look back on this and think I was an idiot. Who knows?

A Kaiser, all this effort did not result in complete compliance.

They do the whole nagging route--and I notice while their numbers are up, still a sizable number of patients miss the mark

PS When you WANT one of your docs to talk to another one--they won't.

iss the mark on cholesterol

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