Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Your medical record may be all wrong

Or partly wrong. According to Lauira Landro, WSJ, June 10, 2104, 95% of records have bad info in them--outdated medicines, wrong doses, even diagnoses.

More than half of all physicians use electronic records now--so this stuff is enshrined someplace forever.

Some places are trying to give patients access to make corrections.

They had my late mother tagged as diabetic at one hospital--she wasn't. I tried to get it changed and they said I could enter a comment, but they would not change something a doctor said. The doctor didn't even say it--some woman was sitting in there tapping the computer--she didn't even ask!

They have found, though, that giving access leads to getting more info and changing what they did. In one instance, 90% of them requested changes in medication doses or removal of things they were not taking.

Sometimes a patient will get a brand-name drug, then switch to generic and both are listed--making it look like the person takes both.

I have had a doctor write SEVERE GALLBLADDER DISEASE and I have never had any instance of it. They saw stones on ultrasound for something else 15 yrs ago. Just within the last two months, I had to go to the ER with breathing issues--pneumonia. They said, though, I probably have congestive heart failure--so now I am tagged with that in some computer.

Sooo...medicine is an art, I guess, not a science. If you want accuracy--you need to go after it.

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