Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Want to mini-size that?

Anne Gasparro and Julie Jargon, WSJ, June 25, 2014, talk about portions. But what about people for whom a portion is all the food on the plate? Or people who don't stop until the food is gone?

There used to be talk of obese people having a wacky satiety point--they never feel full. You don't hear that much anymore.

Restaurants go up in portions--supersize--and down--100 calorie packages.

Potato chips are now in 100 calorie packs. That seems wrong somehow. Even the Cheesecake Factory has Skinnylicious portions. Stop--my head is exploding!

Does having to open another 100-cal pack make the person think the food is "gone"? Not always.

A value menu burger (almost a slider) is alongside a triple burger tower.

I actually think a prepackaged smaller portion can cut intake--mainly because we are too lazy to get up and grab another one.

Will this make the weight fall off? Does it ever?

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