Monday, July 14, 2014

Anything new colon-wise?

Since my whole medical history has made it into this 9-year-old blog, or however old it is, why not my disgusting guts history?

I was on blood thinners, bled, and had to have a colonoscopy, which of course requires you not be on blood thinners or that they be neutralized.

I spent a night in Hell, I mean the hospital, trying to "cleanse" and neutralize the thinners. The colonoscopy could not be completed--took a wrong turn or something. I have given up.

Joseph Walker, WSJ, June 9, 2014, says 28% of people from 50 to 74 have never been tested, even though 76% are insured (this test is scary expensive).

The cleanse, the yuk factor, the embarrassment, fear of anesthesia, who knows...It is invasive.

So they tried to make it less so with a computerized one--no tube all the way "up." But if "something" is found--then you get the whole ride.

Also--those stool tests the doc hands out.

Now they are trying a giant pill with a camera for people with complete tests--750,000 a year of those.

Find anything--still get the tube.

They are also talking about a home DNA test to look for some marker. Then what? The tube?

As a responsible health care reporter--I am supposed to tell you to get this. So your course is clear.

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