Monday, July 21, 2014

Bugs and more bugs--YOW

Stinging and biting daughter is constantly leaping from her chair on the patio and whirling around with the spray can...eek, eeek.

She hates yellow jackets, their weird legs dangling down as they slowly buzz you looking for a fun place to sink their red-hot stinger.

We paid some dudes $200 to remove a bee clump the size of a TV out of our tree. That was just a couple of weeks ago.

Which bugs hurt the worst? Sumath Reddy, WSJ, July 15, 2014, says 4% of people are allergic to insect venom--even a bee sting can cause hives or even fatal shock.

You may be fine the first few times you get stung, then, BAM, you get a reaction.

Yellow jackets come around in the late summer and fall, cruising trash cans like irritable juvenile delinquents. Bees can only sting once--jackets are mean and lay into you over and over. ants. Some other charmers.

We have fire ants out here--get some dry stuff called Amdro and scatter it around--they carry it back to the nest...and well, it's sad.

If you know you are allergic, get an epinephrine pen.  Sometimes shots can be given in a series--say if you are an allergic beekeeper.

You might also want to ditch the deodorant and perfume--they love sweet smells.

Many people, the article said, get stung on the lips or mouth--the yellow jacket may have crawled into a soda bottle.


If you do get nailed, put ice on it. My mother also recommended baking soda mixed with water to form a paste.

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