Monday, July 07, 2014

Do you need stitches?

Heidi Mitchell, WSJ, July 1, 2014, reports that there are different kinds of cuts. An abrasion is superficial and will close over with simple bandaging.

Lacerations are what we think of as "cuts." A dog bite can be a laceration, but is not usually stitched because it would stitch in bad germs and bacteria.

If you see tendons, muscles or yellow fat--it may need stitching. A lot of bleeding also calls for attention.

If you do go to the ER, you may be glued back together--no stitch removal and no numbing beforehand. Glue is for nonmoving parts.

Scalp wounds bleed a lot--so stitches may be indicated.

If the wound seems to be healing well, it's probably OK--acute pain or heat, maybe get it checked out.

Stitches can only be placed in the first 12 hours anyhow.

Mom used to say, "I needs air to heal." I am still here. And we still have air.

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