Thursday, July 03, 2014

Don't dismiss the boat

Uh-oh--no people inside
Ah, Fourth of July--boats, water, beer, laughs. The latter two can be a bad idea, though, if you want to see a July 5th.

First, people should wear lifejackets. True, they are hot and not a snappy fashion statement (think Michelin Man).

Telling people this--the Red Cross has turned blue--is not enough. A law would help--in Victoria, Australia, wearing of jackets increased 41% when a law was passed.

No law here--22% wear them voluntarily. They are required in small boats--under 16 feet.

Fifty-nine people died in drowning deaths before the legislation. After this dropped to 16. Of those 16, more than half had no jacket on.

Other hazards--alcohol. Most boating mishaps involve the Demon Rum. Yes, beer is alcohol!

Also it does not hurt to have a professional boat captain--someone who knows how to operate a boat.

There are also courses for this--try one.Also--learn to swim. You still need a jacket, but this is a plus.

You may think you are just partying or fishing--but you might be danger from your ride.

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