Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Forget energy drinks--try being healthy

I am sitting here, trying to not barf because of taking my BP pills all at once in the AM.

But I read the advice of a London holistic nutritional therapist named Elizabeth Montgomery. She advocates getting energy from healthy practices.

Guess it's worth a try.

First, she says, don't skip breakfast. Forget sugary cereal--include some protein. I had an English (empty cals, I hear, but they taste great) and a schmear of deviled ham (prob too salty).

Be sure your snacks contain protein (nuts, seeds, pulses (wha?), or goats cheese. You have to be a Rockefeller to nibble goats cheese, but I do grab some cheddar sometimes.

Eat plenty of greens. Be careful with potatoes--I admit, I am not--although I am careful to put catsup on the Fries of the French.

Include a lot or raw foods-they are bursting with lifeforce energy, she says. Also whirl up a spirulina shake. Algae. I once tried it and got so speedy I had to quit. An algae overdose.

Just typing this made my nausea go away. So I recommend typing.

I know--cynic, heal thyself. Let me go check my supply of pulses.

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