Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I am sitting, I am doomed

Here we go again--now sitting will kill ya. Not  just inactivity--but sitting.

Sitting, in one roundup study of other studies, was associated with cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Even if you exercise--that does not cancel out the sitting.

Sitting--naturally--makes you fat...you only burn one calorie a minute (seems low to me, but I am sitting right now, which is probably making me stupid).

The cancer comes from the obesity--doesn't everything?

Sitting also leads to a Vitamin D deficiency--which can up the risks of colon cancer. Would sitting in the sun help?

But--don't panic, much less hop to your feet--short breaks to move can help break this sitting curse.

Also walk to meetings, climb stairs, use a treadmill desk, bike, walk, park away from the door--all the standbys.

One guy eliminated sitting entirely--which leaves what, lying down? Isn't that the death thing in action?

OK, I am sarcastic. I also read today that if you can't walk 400 meters (who knows how far that is) in 15 mins without holding onto a wall pr person, you are severely impaired.

That would be me.
OK, I am sarcastic.

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