Tuesday, July 08, 2014

It's a jungle out there

I happened on a show about retired soccer great (and hunk) David Beckham taking a trip to the Amazon basin to ride motorcycles in the mud and see what he could see on land and on the river.

He came across as a pretty adaptive guy getting into the grunge and not too metrosexual. Some natives tried to rub off his tatts (he has two sleeves), which was amusing. He also tried to describe to one man what he "did"--and had to explain soccer. The guy was not too enthralled. Was this a game?

There was also a story in the WSJ by Jen Murphy (June 24, 2014) about a hotel exec who likes to run in the jungle--more challenging. He says running in the jungle makes him think better at the office.

To duke it out with the temps and humidity, he wears North Face shorts, Arc'teryx shirts and jackets and Salomon sneaks (Speedcross 3).

Even if you don't nip down to the Amazon, you may need to deal with humidity. I remember this from St Louis and DC. When you breathe in, nothing happens.

When the outside temp is above 90, Jen Murphy writes, you will gain heat from the air. Your sweat does not evaporate.

In fact, a vapor barrier forms around you sending the heat up.

You need more than just constant water--you need some electrolytes.

But above all--start slow and build. You need to acclimate.

This means get your body used to a hostile environment, basically. Don't be a dope.

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