Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Medicine side efx--all in your head?

This one hit home with me. I feel like I am not good with medicine, which I have come to think of as wads of chemicals.

I listen to those commercials--and mock them...with their "resulting in stroke which could result in death" stuff.

According to Sumath Reddy, WSJ, July 18, 2104, and a doctor at Duke, people hear those side effects and get them. Or they look up the medicine on Google and get the side effects listed.

I look up stuff AFTER I feel crappy--how to they 'splain that? I once had to take Flagyl--was sick as a pup and looked it up--ooops, Flagyl effect. It had a name!

One-third to a half of those with chronic conditions (in my case atrial fib, arthritis, and weird kidney function), are noncompliant with meds.

I am noncompliant with about everything else, but if I agree to take a med, I take it. But, I swear downing five pills in the morning leads to hours of queasiness and malaise and intestinal difficulties.

But, naturally, they did a study and people on the placebo had side efx. So--don't believe yourself.

I do find docs don't take all this seriously. I am allergic to calcium channel blockers--I get a rash. One cardiologist gave me this anyway and showed his assistant my "verapamil rash." How fun for them.

In another study, some patients were leery of pancreatitis from a drug--and some of them stopped it when they got sick. The doctors said they just has an upset stomach, silly puppies.

So you have to decide--believe the TV (they are required to list those things, some of them vanishingly rare) or give the drug a try.

As one doc told me--all drugs have side effects and sometimes the effect is to help the condition.  Your call.

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